Throwing a surprise party is always a great idea. You’d think that when a bunch of kids get together to throw a surprise party for their teacher that he would appreciate it. After all, some teachers aren’t liked very much. It takes a special teacher to be liked and then to be liked enough that students plan a surprise party.

But, this teacher isn’t having it. His reaction is epic. I’m actually laughing. It’s hard for me not to laugh. But, I feel bad for the kids. I can only imagine what was going through their minds when their teacher’s reaction wasn’t quite what they expected.

Teaching can be difficult sometimes. Maybe it was the lesson the teacher was teaching. Maybe it was the fact that his home life wasn’t going all that great and he was bringing it into the classroom. Whatever the problem was, the surprise party did not go as planed for those kids and it’s a shame…one big hilarious shame.

Stressed Out A Little

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Sometimes, people can be overwhelmed with something complex. Maybe the teacher was in the middle of explaining something so difficult, kids were scratching their heads and asking a million questions. Only a great teacher can handle that and even then, a great teacher can snap under the pressure and ruin his own surprise party.

The Beast Comes Out


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That’s when he changes. He might be the nicest guy in the world. But one bad day and he turns into a scary monster. The students have no idea what to do. They didn’t mean to bring out the beast in a teacher they love. But, it’s too late. Once the beast is out, it’s hard to get him to calm down. You can’t just turn him off like a light switch. So, they do the only thing they can.

Ruined Surprise Party