September 2, 2016

To End The Argument of Arguments, The Strongest Liquors In The World

Clarke’s Court Spicy Rum


A nice strong rum that comes from Grenada. Clarke’s starts the list off at 69% alcohol or 138 proof. The simple conversion for future reference, proof is double the ABV or Alcohol By Volume.

King of Spirits Absinthe

king of spirits

Next on the list is an absinthe from the Czech Republic. At 140 proof, King of Spirits is that absinthe that takes the drinker to another level of consciousness. Throughout history, it has been described as clear-minded intoxication, a weird trip that leaves the drinker aware of everything and yet quite inebriated all at the same time.

Bacardi 151

Bacardi 151

Rum from Puerto Rico, you knew Bacardi 151 would make the list. But, look at how low it enters. That’s because it’s 75.5% alcohol is far from being the strongest in the world.

John Crow Batty Rum

John Crow

This rum is from Jamaica. At 160 proof, it’s a fine rum that will make a strong drink. Two drinks and you might just want to call it a night unless you’re trying to challenge some inner side of yourself you would be better off leaving alone.

Balkan 176 Vodka


From Bulgaria, Balkan is a vodka that comes in at 88% alcohol. The first vodka to make the list. You definitely don’t want to drink shots. Pour it in a mixer and be very gentle.

Pincer Shanghai Strength


From Scotland, the Pincer Shanghai Strength has an ABV of 88.8%. It’s a vodka that slightly edges the one before it. It’s as if they were in competition, but Scotland was not about to lose that race. Not even if it only meant by a nose.

Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe


More of the clear-minded intoxication enters the list from the Czech Republic. Hapsburg comes in at 89.9%. Not quite able to edge past that last remaining milestone.

River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum

river antoine

A rum that comes from Grenada. The first to pass that invisible line. It comes in at exactly 90% ABV. Your car might run off this stuff. I wouldn’t try it though.

Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey

bruichladdich x4

A beautiful whiskey from Scotland. At 92% alcohol, you’d be hard to find anyone trying to drink it straight. Although, there are drinkers in this world who could handle a shot. And that’s about it.

Golden Grain

golden grain

Made in the USA, Golden Grain comes in among the top three on the list. At 95% ABV, it’s just about as pure as you can get.



Coming from Poland, Spirytus likes to boast of being the strongest liquor in the world. It ties Golden Grain at 95% ABV. It is a very powerful liquor. That can’t be denied. But, there is yet another great alcohol that tops the list.



Did you have any doubt Everclear would be among them? Also at 95% ABV, an astonishing 190 proof, Everclear is the third to tie at the top of the list of the world’s strongest liquors. That is until some genius distiller in a lab coat comes along and finds a way to make one stronger. Don’t doubt one bit someone is out there working on it.

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