September 30, 2016

Tree Houses That Kick A**

A Forest Cocoon In A Tree

a forrest cocoon in a tree

This one lets the light shine through the glass top. You have to watch your footing going in and out. Those steps are solid, but watch your balance. You’re pretty high above the ground without a rail.

A Vacation Resort In A Tree

a vacation resort in a tree

A front porch you can sit on and watch the sun go down in the distance. The inside can have a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and even a bedroom if you work within that space. What a way to live!

A Modern Home In A Tree

a modern home in a tree

Some people would scratch their heads and say, “why didn’t they just build it on the ground?” There’s an answer to that. Because it’s a tree house and tree houses traditionally are built in trees.

A Cabin In A Tree

a cabin in a tree

All designs are open. What you can imagine, you can have…in a tree. If you want a cabin high above the ground, you can have a cabin high above the ground.

A Castle In A Tree

a castle in a tree

Some little princess is up there waiting on her prince. Either that or she’s polishing off her application for Harvard and jumping on Call of Duty later. Either way, she’s loving that castle.

A Cottage In A Tree

a cottage iin a tree

You can just smell the biscuits and gravy. It’s like you took a trip to the country and had to rustle up your dinner first. Now, sit by the fire with your pipe and smoke it.

A Hut In A Tree

a hut in a tree

Look out over that landscape. Couldn’t you just die to wake up looking out over that in the morning? That’s an ultimate experience people pay good money to have.

A New Age Space Capsule In A Tree

a new age space capsule in a tree

There’s a lot going on here. It looks like a tennis court in a tree with a beach and a volleyball net. Just kidding! Maybe a basketball court though. But, that capsule looks like it just landed on earth. Let your imagination go with this one.

A UFO In A Tree

a ufo in a tree

If you see the alien that came with this tree house, tell him the government is looking for him and they only want to say “Hi.” Actually, it would be fun to play in this thing and act like the aliens invading earth. Then, you realize you’re a grown adult.

A Lit Onion In A Tree

a lit onion in a tree

That’s what it looks like. People are enjoying themselves and the lighting IS awesome. But, it’s like an onion. No getting around it.

A Hut With A Deck In The Trees

a hut with a deck in the tree

Of course, you can have your hut experience. But, the deck is in a different tree with a bridge for you to cross. Check that out for awesome tree living!

A Village In The Trees

a village in the trees

Now, this is like Robin Hood or some scene in Star Wars. The whole village lives in the trees high above the ground with a whole network of ways for people to get around. The Swiss Family Robinson would be so proud.

A Two Story Log Cabin In A Tree

a two story log cabin in a tree

Now if you want to think big, this is how you do a log cabin in a tree. You have two stories, one for your guests and one for yourself in the evening. No better living than that.

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