Viral Videos Of The Week Episode 02
July 28, 2015

Viral Videos of the Week – Episode 02

Episode 02 – Golfing Fail / DJ Unplugged / Who Are You?

Worst drive in the history of drives, and you kill a bird?! Maybe its best you stick to Wii Golf. Or perhaps it was a perfect shot? RIP Seagull…

(Golfer Kills Seagull With Awful Drive)

This Mexican DJ pretends to be mixing while fiddling with an unplugged EQ mixer. He is not even touching any decks or even the laptop. This is an epic fail on so many levels. The funniest part is the two kids watching are trying to learn something.

(The Worst DJ Ever)

So theres this guy playing a trumpet in NYC, minding his own business, when this angry man with half a torso decides to end his parade and crush his spirit.

(Angry Man Yells at Trumpet Player)

Detonating Today