September 2, 2016

When ‘You Had One Job’ Is On A Whole New Level

Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

double check fail

Are you kidding? Is it possible that a parent can go driving down the road and not know that they have a child hanging halfway out of the car. Isn’t the kid screaming? Your mind would have to be totally in another world to block all that out.

Administration Dropped The Ball

administration dropped the ball

Who was responsible for seating? How can a person work like that? They really should go back to the drawing board and call a do over. Maybe put big people in their own area and let smaller people breathe. That might be nice.

Not The Time For A Photo Op

not the time for a photo op

Hey guys, a plane is coming straight at you and your lives might be over in about a second. But, go ahead and take a photo. That’s the best time to shoot a selfie for Facebook.

It’s Something About The Name

it's something about that name

When you look at this closely, you find something very ironic. A crash in water? The only thing missing is the iceberg? You see it don’t you? It’s hard to miss!

It’ll Fit

it'll fit

How in the world does something like this happen? Of course, the truck in the middle didn’t get smashed like an accordion by jamming itself in between two buses. So, did a bus driver not notice it was there when it careened in at 100 mph?

That’s Not How You Do That

that's not how you do that

Did a great job getting the tree in the truck. But, that’s not quite how it was supposed to be done. See? That way, the truck no longer works. You need a truck that works.

That’s Not The Right Ball

that's not the right ball

Soccer is all about feet and balls. Feet and balls up and down the field all day. But once in a while, an over-rambunctious player will put his foot in the wrong place. When it’s done with zeal, it can hurt. It can keep a guy from ever having kids.

The Epitome Of Humiliation

the epitome of humiliation

What this guy did is hard to tell. This could be some college initiation. This could be some workforce games senior executives do to mail room employees. But the thing is, this dude’s screwed until people have taken their pictures and someone breaks out a knife.

That’s Not Good

that's not good

Normally, a jet will takeoff, go after the bad guys, and then shoot a missile. It’s pretty hair-raising when you have a heat-seeking missile chasing people around on the deck before you even take off. If you’re trying to win a war, that would pretty much be the wrong way to start.



It’s a good honor to a great baseball player. But, it just might not be the best place for it. It’s kind of reminiscent of Al Capone don’t you think?

This Is Not Going To End Well

this is not going to end well

Of course, it’s a rush to go 100% in Extreme Sports. To try new things and do stunts no one else has ever done. But, you really need to watch out how you place your face on a rock.

Rubber Necking

rubber necking

That’s what you get! Yes, she’s gorgeous. Yes, she’s worth a look. But, just a look. How long did you want to ogle her before you realized you were running off a bridge?

He’s About To Lose His Head

he's about to lose his head

Again with the intense ogling! Only this time, it’s really going to cost. He has about .17 seconds to get his head back in the door or he won’t be able to look at a pretty lady ever again.

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