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December 9, 2016

Win: Drunken Dad Shows Off His Taser Skills (Sarcasm Is Understood)

Playing with tasers is a lot of fun. Read the sarcasm. Well when you’re tasing someone else, it can get hilarious. But, to use a taser on yourself steps up the entertainment value that much more.

Think about it, Police Officers use tasers on themselves. It’s part of their training. They get in a room and shock each other so that they know how it feels when they’re doing it to other people.

So, tasers are no joke. But, this drunken dad thought he’d be the cool one in the room full of spectators, some of them kids.

Now, I have tasered myself. Stuck it to my neck and pushed the button. It must have been low voltage or the battery was going dead. But, I did get a good shock out of it and it was amazing. So, imagine what his guy did. It looks like a high power taser that could knock out a 300 lbs. man.

You got to love people’s first experience with things. They are naturally curious and most of the time, that leads to disaster. Watch how this drunken dad handles it. Almost like a boss!

Big Man Gets Tased

big man gets tased

And this is how they work. This man thought he was the biggest guy on the street. Took his shirt off and everything. But, those tasers though. They aren’t nothing to play with.

Then, It Goes To A Whole New Level

electric chair

This scene from Green Mile is a good example of professional tasing. They start by tasing you on the streets. If that doesn’t work, you might just end up in a chair where you catch on fire and blow up. That shouldn’t ever happen. But, watch the movie. You’ll know how something stupid like this gets done.

Watch Our Drunken Dad In Action

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