August 12, 2016

These WTF Photos All Win SMH Gold Medals

Sculpture Of Empty Shells

sculpture of empty shells

Because you know, clay is so yesterday. If you’re not making sculptures out of empty locust shells, you’re stuck in the past. At least, that’s what it looks like. What kind of shells are they?

Is That A Porch For A Bumper?

is that a porch for a bumper

Who says you have to have the same ol’ bumper everyone who owns a truck does? Pull that bumper off and make one made of Balsa wood. That will show them ordinary folk who lack the vision.

Got To Do What You Got To Do

got to do what you go to do

Don’t have a yard? Don’t have your own beach? Get your sun in the window. If plants can do it, so can you.

Good Ol’ Human Ingenuity

good ol' human ingenuity

Who says you need a pool? See, people have solutions. Remember back in the day when you could take a wrench and open up the fire hydrant for all the kids in the neighborhood? This is just taking it up a notch.

Something About This Is Wrong

cool chair job

He’s sitting on a massive lens with a professional camera attached to it while he’s taking a picture with his phone. Anyone else see a problem here? Has he lost touch? Just a little…

Bet He Made A Million

bet he made a million

This is how great ideas start. He probably gets it all day long, “Can I touch your hair?” So, he decided to make some money off of it.

A Little Photoshop Work Here

a little photoshop going on here

Either it’s a Photoshop flaw or this dude does some heavy lifting with just his right arm. So, let’s just say he did some really great work with Photoshop and leave it at that.

This Is An Obvious Coverup

trying to cover up something above pyramids

The thing is what was up there in that sky? Was it UFOs and whoever took the picture didn’t want to answer 150 questions from guys in black suits? The more you wonder why the sky is Photoshopped, the more intrigued you get.

What A Fun Looking Ride!

what a fun looking ride

There is nothing like standing in line for an hour and a half to finally get to do the ride that is over in 10 seconds. Don’t you love Overcrowded Amusement Park Days?

Because That’s Not Creepy Or Anything

because that's not creepy

Some people just love having fun with their creativity while the rest of humanity scratches their head wondering why. Was she bored or could this just be an ad for dry skin?

And Creepy Hits A Whole New Level

and creepy takes on a whole new level

Of course, that goes perfectly at the top of the steps. Why simply decorate your home with stuffed raccoons and bizarre abstracts no one understands? Make them stop and stare!

Do Those Shoes Really Go With That Outfit?

do those shoes really go wth that outfit

His wife takes his shoes all the time! What’s the problem here? Nothing to look at. Move it along.

And What Happened Here?

just what happened here

This looks like a zombie parking lot. Like one Driving Dead car came into the lot and then bit another car establishing ground zero and starting a zombie car apocalypse. No seriously, what in the world is going on in this picture? They are all gutted, but parked perfectly.

How Fast Was This Bus Going?

how fast was that bus going

That’s the first question! Well, the first question would be is everyone alright? Did everyone get out safe? But then, what world record did this bus set to run through the pole that far?

Someone Wired That Wrong

someone wired that wrong

And this is why you don’t hire an electrician who got his license from a cereal box. All kinds of things can go wrong. If you hit the light and the blender turns on, that’s the least of your worries.

Now, That’s Hot!

wanted heat not fire

He set it to high heat, but he didn’t want it that hot. What could have caused this? This might be the reason why they say check your pockets for lighters, you think?

Just Wondering Why?

just wondering why

Then, there’s this guy. He’s the kind of guy who holds the lightning rod when it’s raining. But, no pants on? What is he thinking, all his other clothes are dangerous?

What’s Not Normal About This?

what's not normal about it

People should walk their snakes more. They need their exercise just like everyone else. And you know, it would be nice to let them eat a dog every once in a while.

What Is It?

what is it

Save money. Skip the pack of cigarettes and get your Menthol Tobacco flavor from your Vodka. It’s the way nature intended!

This Is Heavy

that's heavy

This one makes you stop and think. One, how did they get there? Two, who was wearing them? And three, are they still wearing them?

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